by Fire In The School

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Reigniting after years of hiding from the unrelenting horror that is reality, RAGE ON! is Fire in the School's first "official" release.
This collection of songs was written after the band became dormant amidst the ongoing tragedy of life.
Without deadlines or pressure, these jams came together naturally, and fit together to form a Blazin' return/debut.

This record was created in loving memory of our dear friend John H. Corr.


released November 4, 2014

Paul Chestnut (The Pandemics): Saxophones on all tracks.
Vocals on track 8.

Keith Scarola (capital T): Guitars & Bass, on all tracks.
Vocals on 1-7, & 9.
Programming on 1-6, & 10.

Jonathan Blake Mantell (clockwork): Snare drum, Kick drum, and Crash Cymbal on Tracks 1-6.

iLL, B! ...Rymer (Dillinger Four): Drums on 7-9

Tracks 1-6 were recorded in Sunnyside, NY.
Horns and vocals were tracked at Soundwave Studios in Astoria, NY.
April-August 2014

Tracks 7-9 were recorded at REI in Bohemia, NY in March of 2011.

Track 10 recorded live at Dare Studios in Deer Park, NY in October 2014.

Mixed and mastered by Kamilo Kratc. at Soundworks Recording in Astoria, NY.

Engineered by Keith Scarola (except tracks 7-9).

All songs produced by Keith Scarola, with tremendous help from Sir Paul Chestnut.

Photo by Mad Bill$?


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Track Name: Peace (In the War On Drugs)
How could I possibly explain this situation to you?
I don't even know how you'd understand.
The pain, it starts to numb and coarse right through you...
I can't empathize with any or all of my friends;
that I used to have, and can't fucking stand.
The video games, "the vibes", the raves:

I hate everything about all of you.

You're up doin' drugs all night, and that's alright, man!
But you couldn't care less about government subsidies.
If a real heathcare debate could end the 'War On Drugs',
(you'd) take your percs, your oxys, your ketamine!!
Pass the bong.
There's the war.
Where's the peace?
Track Name: Born To Die, Too
Light hurts my eyes, as I'm hung-over from a Wednesday night at the pub.

There's no love in my life, anymore.

The sun shines bright, but there's no reason for me to get out and live.

Why am I alive?

Why can't I just fucking die?

Fire burns bright, and there's a reason for me to live again;

to torch all you motherfuckers to death.

Sun shines bright, well, I guess I'll get up and live again, but

We're all alive to die.
Track Name: Used To Be
Drifting through space, waiting to crash down;

to an early grave, or my next home.

I can't sleep or think about anything,

except for who I'm supposed to be.

(I should probably start living again)

The way that I used to be.

With that same chemistry.

It's the way things could have been.

The way we used to live.

Before I was crushed by life.

I don't even feel alive, anymore.

What can I say?

I'm not how I used to be.

I died so many years ago.

To you, and them, and everyone.

I'm just a tortured wandering soul,

Without out ever leaving his fucking room.

Countless applications, to jobs I don't want/to be like this anymore.

The way we used to be, is the way things should have stayed.

I wish you'd feel that way again.

The way we used to be.

It's the way things could have been.

The way we used to live.
Track Name: Doin' Drugs
I'm not getting into conversations in most bars, because I'll probably be kicked out.

I'm not going to drink anymore, because I'll probably puke or OD.

It's how you know you had fun, without isolating anyone.

How do you know?

We've all done drugs;

on our commute, and at the mall.

Outdoor events and bathroom stalls.

15-minute break =

2-3 bong rips of weed away!
Track Name: Sit & Wait
If I sit and wait, things will never change.
We're starting this today.
Any other way.
Stop procrastinating.
Change the way I think.
Change the way I live.
Breathe another day.

Everything is temporary.

Have it good today,
so take a breath and live.

Everything is temporary.
Every end a new beginning.

So take in life, and breathe.
We need another change.

Death is hope.
Life is death.
Try to cope.
Can't resist.
Giving hugs.
Taking drugs.
Life's lost love.
Everything ends.

Stop procrastinating.
Change the way think.
Change the way I live.
Every end a new beginning.

Have it good today.
So take a breath and live.
Every end a new beginning,
take in life and breathe.

Everything is temporary.
Every end a new beginning.
Have it good today,
so take a breath and live.
Take in life and breathe.
Every end a new beginning.

I'm gasping here for air,
watching you exhale.
Track Name: No Wave
So your eyes stay closed.
And, it's all I've got.
In the end we don't mean a thing,
but you got what you want.
(Life goes on...)

In the end we didn't mean a thing,
yet all the selfish ways which we've behaved.
We keep thinking about ourselves,
and can't consider the whole world,
and how we affect each other's reality.

So our eyes stay closed.
Because it's all that we've known.
I'm just one, unlike no other,
but we're all dependent on one another.

These days remain the same;
because minds are hard to change.
Even with all the hope in the world,
it's just hopeless.

So we justify what we've done,
and it makes us feel better.
We're complacent.
If we see the world through each other's eyes now,
it'd be the only true way to compassion.

We must realize, that we affect each other's lives,
through every action and intention.
It shapes who we are, and humanity.
We're collective.
We're unconscious.
One reality.
Track Name: Gasworks Promenade
I never lost my way, I never had a way to lose.
If you ask what motivates me I'll just stop and stare at you.
I never had my own way I just travel with the flow.
I never make a move 'til someone tells me where to go.

Tell me who I am.
Am I doing right?

As a blank slight who never knew a thing about himself.
I can't make my own mark so I'll turn somewhere else.
A strong minded handler to take hold of my reigns.
With someone in charge how can I be to blame?

Now my actions are guided by freedom from choice.
Under borrowed ideals I don't need my own voice.
With hand-holded guidance I trudge through my life.
To a place I don't know, and there's no end in sight.
Track Name: We'll Do It LIVE!!!
Everybody's worried in the world today.
No one's too concerned here for a decent wage for people of third world nations; or their work environment.
(Uh, yeah.) "We're Resisting Tyrannical Government?"

We're blind to see in all of life's comfort, that people all across the world are suffering because of us.
Blissful ignorance teaches us to be who we want to be,
in an individualistic capitalist economy.

When you're viewing the world from a police state;
no one hears our screams to "Stop The Hate!"
The world has become victim to our demand,
we're saying no to change, you say "Yes We Can!"

They'll rationalize all their lies,
and refer any question you have to national pride.
Is democracy a hypocrisy?
Is today's empire, tomorrow's fire?

Look outside your window, do you see schools actually burning?
Across the world in the Gaza strip is that what those kids are learning?
We still can't see, how the nation state system bred inequality.
It's an invasion of global sovereignty.
Have we all forgotten about unity?

So we've occupied Afghanistan.
Our drones are blowing up Pakistan.
We can't have a nuclear armed Iran:
It's all that we could hope for.
Nation states who put up a fight;
we ignore their abuses of human rights.
It's not clear to you or me because corporate greed control the economy.

We're too concerned with our accomplishments.
We're indifferent to the consequences.
Collectively, we lack the common sense that we exude and pride ourselves on.
We don't really want anarchy.
We just want a way to express our identity.
If we really want empathy, this is not how we want to make our impression on the world...

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